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    We use 100% recyclable materials
    today for a better tomorrow.
    Because we care.
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    Our team listens to your needs
    discusses and consults
    in order to achieve the best
    possible packaging results.
    We always aim higher.
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    We design and manufacture
    corrugated sheets and
    a whole range of cost-effective
    creative and environmentally
    sound packaging products
    to cover your needs.
    We can make it happen.
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    Our supply, production & delivery chain is
    constantly managed and monitored to ensure
    that all quality assurance standards are upheld.
    Every time.


we are producers of corrugated carton for the packaging industry.


The use of corrugated cardboard in packaging can offer excellent quality and durability for a wide range of applications. Some of the advantages are:
Light weight cartons
Strong durability for load transports
High mechanical support
Cost efficiency
100% recyclable material
Use of the appropriate materials can help you obtain excellent load bearing capacity, moisture resistance, refrigerator and deep freeze transportation & storage, excellent mechanical support from production site to selling point.


Texas Packaging invests on the design of new sophisticated products aiming at the specific needs of the industry e.g. casks for packaging and transport of wine.
Our aim is to offer the best possible materials to insure long lasting relationships with your customers and repeat sales.
High quality raw materials is the base of our continuous steady & high quality. From liners to special fluting and from Kraft to Semi chemical, we hold in stock a wide selection of papers in order to satisfy your unique packaging needs


Our philosophy is to evolve, grow and improve, without compromising our core principles. Our aims and values are the same: quality, professionalism and consistency.
After years of experience, we have concluded that a simple and honest communication with our customers and suppliers is key for a fruitful cooperation and achievement of great manufacturing results. Together!



Corrugated with Polyethylene

100% water proof
Leak proof
Grease resistant
Approved for direct food contact.

Thanks to this new product, you are able to produce packaging items with corrugated paper and polyethylene coating, suitable for either dry or greasy foods. Using the appropriate templates, you can create packaging products, which is 100% insulating and water-proof.
Available in F, E & B Flute


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